Our method has been developed from more than 20 years of experience working with newcomers to Munich. We have tested and refined it in courses for groups and individuals, both in private courses and with major companies.


Our emphasis is on communication. From the very beginning, students speak German, though our instructors use the student's mother tongue or English when necessary.

Our aim is to give our students confidence in speaking German. They use their German in interactive role-playing and simulated everyday situations. Trips to shopping areas or local markets can be arranged with the instructor to have hands-on practice of newly learned vocabulary.

Grammar and written exercises are used to deepen the knowledge of the language. Current events and cultural topics, including music, arts and literature, are incorporated into the lessons to maintain a high level of interest.

Our course material consists of recognized textbooks from well-known publishers. Overhead projector foils, audio and videotapes are used to ensure that the instruction is given an audio-visual impact, supplemented with our own material, developed specifically for each course.

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