Intercultural Awareness

Speaking the language of the country in which you live is certainly essential to becoming comfortable in your new environment.

Being aware of cultural differences and learning how to deal with them successfully is an equally, important component to a smooth adjustment. meeting point has developed a series of seminars to focus on cultural awareness for better intercultural understanding. These can be combined with language classes or taught as stand-alone units.

The idea behind all of our intercultural seminars is the examination of cultural perception, positive intercultural communication, and how to avoid intercultural miscommunication. Our goal is to help our students deal smoothly with "culture shock" between Germany and other cultures: Germany / Great Britain, France, USA, or China.

Participants will draw on a combination of real-life experiences, case study, critical incidents and exercises during the seminars. These can be tailored to the specific requirements of the participants; for instance, meetings or specialized communications with colleagues.

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