1-3 Day Seminar

1 Day Seminar

This small group training (4-6 participants) has been developed for newcomers: employees and their spouses. The morning session will focus on the meaning and value of intercultural communication. We will look at some general cultural communication and perception traits and how one's awareness of them is helpful in both business and home environments.

In the afternoon session we look at specific topics of importance and interest to the participants. Prior to the seminar, class members will receive a questionnaire asking them for their input on which aspects of Germany they would like to focus (e.g. political system, history and economy, culture).

Please keep in mind that a one-day seminar can only address the "surface" of intercultural training and is designed to help the participants over their first culture shock after arriving in Germany.

2 -3 Day Seminar

In this seminar we go much more into depth about cultural differences in communication styles, values, mannerisms, and stereotypes. We strive to have a mix of participants from various backgrounds and cultures in each group so as to maximize the interaction and learning. People who intend to remain in Germany for an extended period will especially benefit from this seminar.

The new global economy demands that successful business people not only be aware that differences between cultures exist, but to understand and respect them. The ability to cope with different cultures plays an essential role in international business today.

This training program can be specifically tailored to a company's needs; for example a seminar to bring together group project participants early on in the life of a project so as to maximize effective and efficient communication and avoid delays and missteps due to intercultural miscommunication.

The seminar is most effective in groups up to 12 participants. The training takes place either at our facilities or in-company.

Childcare is available on request. 

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