Intensive German Language and Awareness Training

We have developed this two-part training especially for newcomers at the beginning of their stay in Germany. Intensive language in individual or small group classes is interspersed with sessions designed to familiarize the newcomer with aspects of German culture, communication style, current events, and politics. This program is useful for the newcomer to "jumpstart" his or her adjustment to this new language and environment. Comfort level is enhanced and in a timely manner, allowing an employee to focus more quickly on the business tasks at hand.

The training (1 - 4 weeks, full day sessions, including lunch with the trainer, at the student's convenience) will provide a good basis of language knowledge and application. Follow-up training of 2-3 sessions per week is suggested to strengthen communication and grammar skills.

Through evaluation and interviews with the student (and the company, if requested) the requirements of each individual are assessed. Our instructors check frequently to make sure that the training and material are addressing the student's ongoing needs.

Spouses are welcome to participate in the introduction of the training (Everyday German / Intercultural Aspects) at no additional cost, assuming that they have a comparable knowledge of German. A charge for their course materials, however, will be made.

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